Production cycle: technology and know-how are our plus.

An heritage of knowledge in the inox tubes world became a productive method that exploits the potentials of technology to reach the highest quality of our tubes.

We welded by TIG because we are sure this is best way to guarantee our tubes; also we have 3 Eddy Current testing devices in line to identify any structural or surface defects of the tube

Annealling process: more value to your tubes

Annealing process at 1050° has the purpose to eliminate the work hardening effect on raw material and to homogenize the micro-structure of the tube.
Thanks to our new off-line oven/furnace we can satisfy all our customers inquiries of annealing tubes.
All according to current standards.

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Finishing process: quality for noble and aesthetic applications

The structural quality of TIS tubes is further improved by the top-quality external polishing and mirror-polishing finishing, in different grains and roughness.
Advanced roughness control systems allow to obtain homogeneous and constant tube finishings.

All our polished grit and mirror polished tubes are individually wrapped to protect the surface finishing.

Technological advanced systems.

All processes are performed by means of technological advanced systems, with the support of devices for the protection of the environment and workers health; each operation is monitored by high qualified staff, motivated every day to achieve the top quality production standards. Always mindful of this values, TIS joined the project of Regione Lombardia whose aim is to check the production impact in each industrial field on the health of the citizens.

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